Knowledge Bowl Team Places 2nd in Their First Time Out

Apr 17, 2011

Over the past year, the CIM Knowledge Bowl Team has been working hard to absorb every piece of information dictated by the ACF Knowledge Bowl Committee. The team spends roughly 25 hours a week in preparation for competitions and scrimmages. The team members are: captain Michael Meador, Jacqui Happley, Penny Cook, Jordan Freeze, and Harmany Alkema.

The proof of all the students’ hard work came in February, when they traveled to Joliet, Illinois, for a Central Regional Knowledge Bowl Scrimmage hosted by the local ACF chapter. This was the team’s first scrimmage and a great opportunity for the students to acclimate themselves, as to how an ACF Knowledge Bowl Competition would work. In the first round the students hit a learning curve, but after warming up, the team dominated each board. After winning four rounds against various other teams from our region, the team then paired up against Kendall College from Chicago, IL. The Kendall College team is an ever present force in these competitions and is definitely the team to beat. Once the round started, CIM had the upper hand on almost every category. Then, as the last category started, Kendall buzzed in just a bit faster on each question and subsequently won the round. Overall, the CIM Knowledge Bowl Team placed a valiant 2nd in this scrimmage.

Since returning from this exhibition, the CIM Knowledge Bowl Team has become even more focused on the competition, realizing they have a real chance at victory in the ACF Regional Conference. The scheduled date of the competition is set for April 19th in New Orleans, Louisiana.